Show that your are committed to legal and responsible fishing

WWF and navama developed a new vessel tracking tool and data sharing platform which offers fisheries worldwide the possibility to register and make their fishing activities transparent. The goal is to improve fishery management worldwide, create more transparency at sea and increase the understanding of responsible fishing.

With their registration fisheries agree to share either satellite-AIS 24/7 data , VMS data or other location based information data of their vessels with independent experts from WWF, navama, other NGOs, governments and science.

Fisheries which register on TransparentSea.org can show that they are not involved in illegal fishing activities and that they are willing to demonstrate full transparency of their fishing operation

A web based fishery track analysis platform for experts

Interpreting large fishery data sets needs experts, validation processes and supplementary information. WWF and navama developed a web based fishery track analysis platform for experts.

The seeOcean explorer uses the shared data of fishing practices to generate synergies and improve understanding of good fisheries management. Information such as global AIS coverage, individual shared fishery tracks, marine protected areas, wind and waves, track patterns, ports, and economic data are combined and visualized to provide a holistic view of fishery activities.

WWF and navama will invite governments, supply chain partners, fishermen and scientists to see the opportunities of the seeOcean explorer and to draw conclusions for improved management to enable sustainable livelihoods and fishing.